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Why Us

Why Us

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Have you thought about getting help with your clutter for a long time? But that tiny voice in your head stops you every time you think you’re ready, doesn’t it? It convinces you that yours must be the worst home anyone has ever seen. Ever. Guess what. . . .it’s not.

At HomePuzzle, we know that lots of people struggle with clutter. We understand that getting started can feel overwhelming, and that it’s easier to put it off for another day.  But we want you to be successful. To feel peace and comfort at home. To have the oasis you deserve.

We realize that making the decision to let us into your home is a difficult one. But the promise HomePuzzle makes to everyone who welcomes us into their home, is to leave judgement at the door. Every situation is different. Every person needs a unique combination of guidance, support, time and solutions. Our commitment is to treat all with respect, compassion and patience.

Whether you want someone to partner with you from the beginning to the end of your organizing journey, or just need someone to help you get unstuck, HomePuzzle has the experience and service options to make success an attainable goal.