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What our Clients are Saying

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Thank you so much for all your support and enthusiasm. You’re making a huge difference in my life, and both my daughter and I are so grateful. I’m happy to tell you that her anxiety about the state of me and my home is way down, and I couldn’t have done any of that without your steady guidance and unstinting help!

Jacqueline C.

I have been so busy with work and family that I haven’t been able to get organized since we moved into our condo. Christine understands how I feel about my stuff. She shows respect for my possessions while teaching me how to prioritize them along with all the other things in my life. Gradually, I have learned to sort and get rid of things I really don’t need. The things I keep are finally being placed so that I can see them, get to them and enjoy them. Having the help of a professional has made the difference that allowed me to finally commit to these changes.


It has been an honor to serve as Christine Janes’s Program Mentor as she progressed through the ICD Level III Certification program. I highly recommend her to individuals looking to work with a trained professional organizer. Christine has demonstrated a high level of understanding of the subject matter being studied and demonstrated her knowledge during our work together. She is kind, compassionate and wise and will be an asset to anyone wishing to improve his or her environment. She successfully completed all requirements of the program including a peer review at the Denver conference of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization.

Christine’s CPO-CD Master Trainer

Chris good-naturedly guided me through the process of examining, sorting, purging and storing. It was an undertaking much more emotionally exhausting than I had expected. Chris’s patience and kind encouragement kept me focused on the task even when I wanted to run and hide from it.

Independent Writing and Editing Professional

I didn’t think I needed a Professional Organizer. I’d been meaning to sort out and label my parts drawers for five years, but never got around to it. Before you organized my work bench, finding tools was the most frustrating part of jobs I do around the house. Now there’s no more sifting through a pile of junk and no more wasted time. Thanks!

VP, Sales

Although I expressed my pleasure and gratitude at the time the job was completed, it was not until several months later that the full impact it had on my life became apparent. The planning process was probably the most important part for me because it gave me the motivation to make difficult decisions in support of my priorities. I also really appreciated the way you respected and listened to my stories about objects, allowing me to honour them and the role they had played in my life. So we sorted, and talked, and laughed and you kept me going past the point when I wanted to stop but made sure I had enough space to rest and consider and accept my own decisions. Thank you for that.

Social Worker

I randomly chose Home Puzzle off a website listing of organizers, and after engaging Chris for a couple of meetings I have to say “Wow! Did I ever luck out!!” Chris is positive, gentle, focused, and kind. We accomplished a huge amount of work in one 3 hour session, and never once did I feel rushed, or belittled for my choices, or ashamed of the state I’d found myself in (all par for the course if I’d had my family helping me!) Chris has an empowering and supportive approach that made me feel much more capable of handling the rest of the rooms on my own. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone who needs a hand digging themselves out from under their ‘stuff’. By the time she is done with you, you will feel better about yourself AND about your stuff!

Outreach Specialist, Toronto

Thank you for the wonderful job you did. Your professionalism and enthusiasm exceeded my expectations. Working with you gave me the motivation to finally tackle the clutter in our home – and keep it clutter-free. You kept me focused and showed me that it really could be done. Now we all know where to find the things we need, quickly and easily. I’ve already told my friends about you and wouldn’t hesitate to hire you again.

Financial Advisor